Zerand’s innovative delivery systems easily handle even the most demanding jobs. Because of our extensive custom engineering capabilities, we can design and deliver any kind of system you need – from vacuum transfers, automated belt askew, standard delivery tables, to gap generators, to various size stackers.


Zerand’s servo-driven collator is specifically designed to handle long cartons with improved running speed and shingling quality.

  • The combined action of these two functions improves running speed and shingling quality
    • Decreased frequency of shingling, collating two cartons
    • Decreased shingling speed by means of adjustable slow down belted section
  • Auto Setup for fast job change over
  • Servo-driven
  • Two ELS Motors Control
    • Drums Section
    • Slow Down Section

Belt Askew

The Zerand Belt Askew provides controlled and predictable separation of folding cartons.

Multiple streams of cartons can be delivered at top production speeds. Motorized adjustments on the fly facilitate continuous operation. Fast changeover reduces labor costs.

Available features include:

  • Adjustable Tilt
  • Upper and Lower Belts Driven
  • Back Wrapped belts for easy replacement
  • Auto Setup (one belt at a time)
  • Speedy Auto Setup (all belts at the same time)
  • Upper belts lift in case of jam or fast stop
  • Diverter Section for discarding defective blanks
  • Extended incoming nip for rotary cutting applications
  • Upper viewing platform

Two Stage Delivery Table

  • From regularly spaced shingle streams of blanks by means of rider wheels and variable speed belts
  • Two separte belts with separately adjustable speed and height
  • Interfacing with optional stacker

Combination Belt Skew Delivery

Available features include:

  • Auto Setup: (one belt at a time)
  • Extended incoming nip for rotary cutting applications
  • Adjustable table angle and speed

Gap Generator

  • Traveling break bar eliminates shingle accumulation behind the bar and delivers consistent streams to the stacker.
  • Shingling table with adjustable rider wheels and finely adjustable speed: precisely controls the shingle formation.
  • Adjustable shingling table incline, to have optimal angle of attack of incoming cartons.
  • Motorized push button movement of the unit
  • Auto Setup for fast job change over
  • Servo Driven.
  • Speed up to 1500FPM

Carton Stacker

Carton stackers form stacks of blanks from a shingled stream for maximum productivity. Stacks eject to delivery table where they can be picked up manually or by a robot or palletizer.

Main Stacker Characteristics (based on stacker models)

  • Carton Length 3.0” to 40” (actual range limits vary by model)
  • Maximum Stack Height
    • 6” to 16” (actual height varies by model)
  • Ejection Cycle Controls
    • Stack Height
    • Stack Count (Number of Blanks)
  • Quick Changeover Tools